Evaluation of the effect of rainfall on slope stability analysis by using hydraulic unit flux infiltration property

Authors: Ahmed Hossain, Md. Enayet Chowdhury, Mohammad Shariful Islam


Slope stability analysis for evaluating landslide potential excludes the effect of rainfall while determining the Factor of Safety (FOS). This study involves the simulation of rainfall on slopes through hydraulic unit flux boundary condition to evaluate the FOS. Infiltration data taken from perforated tray rainfall simulator was used as the hydraulic unit flux infiltration in slope stability analysis, later the FOS was validated by a conventional procedure. The rainfall simulator is capable of producing storms up to 188 mmh-1 within 10 minutes' duration with a drop size distribution slightly greater than the natural rainfall (median diameter of raindrops for simulated rainfall is 4.18 mm at 188 mmh-1 , where that for natural rainfall is 3.25 mm). FOS in real time condition was evaluated on the basis of surface runoff which is a common reason of rainfall induced landslides. The result shows that FOS from software analysis excluding rainfall simulation is over estimated with respect to real time FOS analysis.

Publication Details

Published On: 2019
Conference: International Conference on Disaster Risk Management (ICDRM)
At: BUET-Japan Institute of Disaster Prevention and Urban Safety (BUET-JIDPUS), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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